Our Team

Tim Winstead | Secretary/Treasurer
Meet Tim, our resident CPA since 1988. Not only does Tim oversee our finances, he is also in charge of our Grounds Maintenance division. In addition, he and Ward work together to help set the direction for the entire company.

Ward Terrill | Vice President
Need to know the ins and outs of landscaping? Ward’s your man. If details are needed from irrigation to drainage to swimming pools to retaining walls, our motto is, “Ward knows.” And that’s why he’s in charge of our Landscape Division.

Gordon Hodge | Supervisor, Equipment Sales/Repair Shop
From small engines to tractors, our head mechanic, Gordon, is a real whiz. In addition to fixing things and keeping a tidy shop, Gordon also is our Bad Boy mower specialist.

Todd Smith | Supervisor, Landscape Division
As Ward's right hand man, Todd is a friendly, competent supervisor who knows exactly what he’s doing. Count on Todd to be helpful as he supervises the landscape division.