Scheduled Landscape Maintenance

Scheduled Landscape Maintenance

For both residential and commercial properties, our service is customized to fit your needs. Thompson will mow your lawn, prune your shrubs and trees, keep your property exterior extra sharp, and well, you get the picture.

Backed by our managed network of select business partners, Thompson serves the southeast United States, supporting both the local client as well as the larger regional customer. The entire Thompson organization benefits from the experiences and practices of our local providers, enabling us to offer the best service in our industry.

Here are just a few reasons to leave your grounds to the professionals:

  • Pesticide Licenses
    Insider’s tip: Many "grass-cutters" spray illegally. Our crews operate with pesticide licenses, keeping legal troubles out of the picture.
  • Proper Insurance
    Rest easy knowing that our Liability and Worker’s Compensation packages cover our employees. Most "grass-cutters" don’t have Worker’s Compensation and rely on yours to cover injury-related costs. Ouch!
  • Long-term Care
    Here today and gone tomorrow...not Thompson. Since 1960, we've been servicing our customers and keeping them happy at the same time.
  • Expertise
    Snow people. Irrigation people. Landscape people. Your grounds have many needs and we have the experts to meet each one.
  • Dependability
    No “Gone Fishing” signs up around here. Our grounds maintenance professionals service your account when you need it!
  • Accurate recommendations
    We only suggest what your landscape needs.
  • One vendor, one invoice
    We provide simplicity.

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