Shrub and Lawn Spraying

Shrub and Lawn Spraying

Mowing your lawn yourself but don't want the mess or worry over spraying your shrubs and lawns? Why not let Thompson's licensed professionals handle this work for you.

Many don't know it, but any paid professional who applies chemical spray in some states needs to operate with a pesticide license. Our experts can help you battle weeds or pests anywhere in your landscape, whether you need a one-time application or a scheduled plan throughout the year.

Don't worry about the mess, the leftover pesticides, the proper equipment or legal uncertainty. Contact Thompson today and start saving time, energy and money.

Take the "Crab" out of "Crabgrass"

Crabgrass, the most villainous of weeds, threatens the health of your lawn as soon as warmer-weather arrives. The key to combating crabgrass is to apply preemergent herbicides and to do it at just the right times.

A few tips for keeping the “crab” out of crabgrass:

  • Spray your lawn both in March and May to prevent crabgrass. Spraying only in March gets only half the job done. Thompson includes both months with our service agreement.
  • Save your time. Using a small hand-held sprayer takes an extremely long time and leaves left-over chemicals to deal with. Thompson has the latest equipment to get the job done quickly and right.
  • Value your money. Thompson sprays your lawn for a price that’s worth every penny.
  • Don’t forget other lawn care needs. While we’re at it, we also spray boxwoods and azaleas for spider mites and other insects.

For even more information, contact your crabgrass experts!