Our Philosophy

Just like a clean, shining mirror reflects its image in a sharp, clear way, your landscape reflects you to your guests and customers.

At Thompson's, we make sure that’s a clear, impressive reflection. To do that, we hold to a three-fold philosophy:


  • Professionalism—We promise to respect you and your property. Always courteous. Always punctual. Always the best.

  • Quality—We promise to the job right. In rain, shine, or snow, our experts have it all covered. Shoddy work is our worst enemy.

  • Integrity—We promise to deliver honest hard work to get your job done in a timely way. We make sure you get the work you pay for—every time.

Our Team

Joe Conn

Managing Partner/ General Manager

Joe is a consummate professional with decades of experience in a variety of fields, including but not limited to commercial roof systems, waterproofing, and subsurface drainage systems, and has served in leadership roles all along the chain of command, from on-the-ground supervisor to office manager to CEO. He has a long history of forging close relationships with clients, customers, and suppliers, and is devoted to running operations smoothly and efficiently, with an unparalleled attention to detail and a dedication to forging strong and productive partnerships with involved parties such as architects, consultants, property managers, private owners, and general contractors. For Joe, good business starts with good people – as such, he is also dedicated to his people, remaining attentive to their needs and forging strong teams who are able to execute well-defined goals and strategic plans. With this in mind, Joe’s dedication to customer service, to building strong teams, and to quality craftsmanship make him and his crews the ideal choice for your landscaping, irrigation, and lawn maintenance needs.

Maria Conn

Managing Partner/ Business Development

Born and raised in Cali, Colombia, Maria is a seasoned professional with decades of experience in customers relations and business development. She obtained her Associate’s Degree from the Corporacion Regional de Educacion Superior (CRES) in Tourist Administration & completed the CET Academic Program in Personal Administration, and spent several years helping to grow local tourism in Cali before bringing her talents stateside, where for many years she was the top seller in South Florida for Burdines and later Macy’s after Burdines’ acquisition. She is bilingual in Spanish and English and excels in building and maintaining customer, supplier, and client relationships, and has yet to meet a business or customer problem she couldn’t solve.

Chris Davis

Operations Manager Lawn Maintenance

Chris Davis is our resident operations expert, with more than two decades of experience in the field of lawn maintenance. He oversees and manages the day-to-day activity of our lawn maintenance division and is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction – under his watchful eye, our crews and network partners are delivering quality work in all of our service areas throughout North and South Carolina. Chris is bilingual in Spanish & English and holds a North Carolina Pesticide License – within lawn maintenance, he additionally has a great deal of expertise in annual colors, fertilization programs, and lawn and plant disease maintenance.

Todd Smith

Operations Manager Irrigation & Landscaping

Todd is one of our operations managers with 26+ years of experience in Irrigation and Landscape Design/Installation. He works closely with homeowners and landscape designers to produce tasteful outdoor living spaces and landscapes, combining his knowledge of plant aesthetics, water features, outdoor lighting, and elements such as outdoor kitchens and bars to develop a space tailored perfectly to the homeowner’s liking.

Robert Thompson

Crew Leader Lawn Maintenance

As the son of the Thompson Nursery’s founder, Raymond Thompson, Robert grew up in and around the Nursery side of the business – after graduating from East Carolina University in 1986 with a degree in Urban Development, he found himself drawn back to the business he had grown up with. He has a wealth of experience in installation and maintenance of irrigation systems; landscaping; pavers and retaining walls; and application of fertilizer and pesticides. He is one of our crew leaders in the Lawn Maintenance division, and holds a Corporate NC Irrigation License as well as the NC Class A Pesticide License.

Penny Jenkins

Crew Leader Lawn Maintenance

Penny is one of our most experienced crew leaders and has been with us for 24+ years handling all aspects of Lawn Maintenance. With her positive energy, her love of what she does, and her dedication to quality work and craftsmanship, she puts a smile on not just our faces, but the customer’s as well – she has some of the best customer relationships within Thompson, and we are proud of her and the work she does.

Robbin Blackwell

Accounts Payable & Strategic Partner Contract Relations Coordinator

Robbin handles all the Payables and Contracts with our Strategic Partners, working out of the Charleston, SC office. She holds a BS in Agricultural Business Management from NCSU and has been with Thompson for 13 years.

Our History

In 1960, Raymond Thompson began growing azaleas in the backyard of his Rocky Mount, NC home in a make-shift greenhouse he had built. Little did he know at the time of the business that would grow out of this small plastic-covered wooden structure.

Because he still had a full-time job, Raymond got his wife, Tommie, to water and care for the plants during the day while he would take care of them in the evenings. Soon Raymond's children became involved and Saturdays became a prime sale day for their backyard nursery.

Nearing retirement age, Raymond eventually made growing and selling plants his primary job. As the business grew, Thompson began to branch out by doing small landscape jobs as well as some grounds maintenance.

In 1984 Raymond's son-in-law, Ward Terrill, joined the company. Though he had worked part-time in the past, Ward's addition enabled Thompson to expand its operations to include irrigation and larger commercial landscaping projects.

Thompson got a real jumpstart in 1988 when we landed a large irrigation and landscaping project at a mall in Virginia. It was during this time that Tim Winstead, a CPA and also Raymond's son-in-law, was hired to help run the company.

Today, we still hold fast Raymond’s vision. Visions come and go, but those good hard-working ones tend to stay around for a while. And that’s the only kind that can grow a backyard plant stand into the full-service, professional lawn and landscape company Thompson is known as today.

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